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Chat with the Pollpass bot

Chat with the Pollpass bot

Answer questions about things you’ve bought, thought, felt, smelt, loved, hated or ignored…

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Whenever, wherever
Earn rewards for your time ?

Earn rewards for your time ?

You’ll earn credits that you can exchange for Amazon gift cards & Paypal cash

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What will we chat about?
Market researchers want to know what you think about a wide range of topics, to help inform their decision making.
What you think matters as much as what you do and Pollpass lets researchers know how you feel about services and topics, so that they get a better idea of the popularity of things.
What do I get?
You will be able to exchange your points for Amazon gift cards & Paypal cash.
Don’t forget you get to voice your opinion and influence brands too.
Where do my answers go?
It is our priority to ensure that your information is kept secure and confidential.
We take your responses and add them to everyone else’s responses to form an anonymous aggregate.
This is sold to researchers that want to get a better understanding of a worldwide audience of internet users.
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I was hoping you’d say that! Please check out our FAQ, or
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