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Surveys are boring and dull, yes we know. That’s why we created a friendly chatbot, Pollpass.

Giving YOU the ability to answer questions from leading brands, receiving access to cash rewards, premium content, and experiences in return.

After collecting a certain number of points you get the option of redeeming them by simply clicking a button, we’ll send you your Paypal voucher code via email, dead simple ?

How does it work? ?

Speak to our Chatbot ?

Have a friendly Informal chat with our bot, about things you like or dislike, your opinion matters to us!

Do it on your own time!

Wether on the bus or while binging on Netflix. You can chat with us using any device, anytime, anywhere.

Do it on your own time!
Earn rewards simply while chatting ?

Earn rewards simply while chatting ?

As you chat with us you earn points. In one click you can turn your points into Amazon.co.uk vouchers or Paypal.


Elaine Mc Adam

I was skeptical at first, but I was proven wrong. I signed up using Facebook and literally kept answering questions in my free time and got my first cash-out in one day! I love it!

Helen Hallatt

Unlike traditional survey sites, you just have a very natural feeling conversation answering questions when you want without being locked into a time-critical survey that will disqualify you if you have to go and cook dinner or answer a phone call. You earn points for each question which are saved and once you hit 5000 you have reached your first payout of £5.

Fernandes Mel

Pollpass survey is one of the best sites I have come across very easy and enjoyable you won't get bored. It's much easier than the other survey panel and easy to cash out. I am looking forward to more surveys from you guys.

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