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Surveys are boring and dull, yes we know. That’s why we created a friendly bot, Pollpass.

It gives YOU the ability to answer questions from leading brands, receiving access to cash rewards, premium content, and experiences in return.

After collecting a certain number of points, you get the option of redeeming them by simply clicking a button and we’ll send your Amazon voucher via email. Simple.

How does it work? 🤔

Earn rewards simply while chatting?

Chat with us and share your opinion on all sorts of things. Sign up now, it’s Free!

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In between lectures, on the bus or while binging on Netflix. You can chat with us at anytime, anywhere.

Do it on your own time!
Easily ‘cash out’ when you like!

Easily ‘cash out’ when you like!

As you chat with us you earn points. In one click you can turn your points into Amazon.co.uk vouchers or Paypal.

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